POLPX indices for the Polish Day-Ahead and Intraday Market

The electricity price indices defined by algorithms applied by main European power exchanges, which can be used for direct comparison of the price movement on the Polish and European markets. The aim was to create reliable reference price indices that correspond to the indices published by other exchanges. In particular, it is important that the participants of Polpx will have the opportunity to refer directly to the markets of neighbouring countries taking decisions on energy exchange - with market coupling mechanism on SwePol Link cable with Sweden and with standard export/import transactions based on cross-border transmission capacity auctions organized by network operators for synchronous connections Poland to Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The POLPX indices could be directly compared to the indices of EPEX SPOT and NORDPOOL SPOT power exchanges.

The following Polish market indices are being published: POLPX spot base (24 hours baseload delivery) and POLPX spot peak (12 hours peak delivery, from 8:00-20:00) for the day-ahead market. A similar POLPX intraday base and POLPX intraday peak for the intraday market will be published only when market reaches an appropriate level of liquidity.

POLPX indices are quoted in EUR/MWh calculated using average EUR/PLN exchange rate for trading days published daily approx. at 11:45-12:15 by National Bank of Poland and for public holidays the previous business day NBP exchange rate is applied.

The day-ahead market indices are published the day before delivery (day D-1) approx. at 12:15 and cover transactions concluded until that time. The recorded periodical indices (for weeks, months, quarters and years) are calculated and published in addition to daily indices.